My Favourite Tips for Newbie Runners

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Research has been showing that running may not be as hard on the joints as previously thought. Yes, when we run, we will have 2.5 times our body weight going through our lower limbs each time our foot strikes the ground, however our body has the amazing ability to adapt to the demands that

Introductory talks with Viv Adcock, Life Transformer & Facilitator

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Viv Adcock Life Transformer and Facilitator is offering regular introductory talks at Noosa Holistic Health over the coming months. These talks will offer you information, tools and clarity designed to assist you having greater awareness around the most common life areas that people are stressed about and stuck in. Viv has committed her life

Chicken or the Egg?

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Is it your mind that creates the stress and dis-ease in your body and life or is it the “issues” with your body creating the stress in your head? Or does it seem like the 'Dynamic Duo' to you? If you had one tool that created peace and calm for you – would you