Are aches and pains a part of ageing?

“Aches and pains, I guess it’s just part of getting old………”

This would be the one line I cringe at regularly from clients. I’m just not willing to accept that living with pain as we age is the norm. Yes, we all have aches and pains from time to time, but I’m talking about that annoying pain that is always there but you only actually really feel it as it gets worse and hits a new level on your pain scale or you do something insignificant that it flares up. The rest of the time it’s there but just not registering on your “Pain O’meter” because you just learn to live with it.


Guess what?! Our bodies give us pain for a reason. It’s a message of, “there’s an issue here” and as the owner of your body you’re the only one who can take action to actually make it go away. Revelation I know!

So here is my challenge to you, listen to what your body is trying to tell you when you get pain and do something about it 100% of the time. That pain you get in your right shoulder after sitting at your computer for too long, book a massage! Those cramps you get in your calves after a walk or maybe a bike ride, book a massage. Reduce your headaches, by getting regular massage. That lower back pain that has been hanging around, how about booking a massage. I think you get my drift.

Regular massages are great for your body, mind and ‘sole‘. That’s my little reflexology pun!

Thank you for putting your health in my hands. Look forward to seeing you soon. –Amanda Fincham

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Amanda has a proven track record of successfully treating and supporting clients of all ages through the effects on soft tissue due to such things as sporting injuries, surgery, pregnancy, chemo and radiation therapy, sedentary jobs and arthritis.

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