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Firstly we’d really like to thank you all for your continuing support and encouragement.

It has been incredibly heart-warming to feel the support of our community and patients in this new venture. Six months in and we are all extremely happy with the team and family that have come together to form Noosa holistic health; offering the community a commitment to the best in holistic health available.

Together we strive to deliver a level of health care, professionalism, and service second to none. In doing so we hope to assist all in achieving the best in their health and happiness. The year ahead is full of more great growth healing and adventure for all.



Viv Adcock, our resident life transformer, kinesiology practitioner and Access Consciousness facilitator is introducing a monthly information night held on Wednesday evenings at the clinic. Each month a different topic will be offered, with this month’s topic,

“What’s it REALLY all about?”

Do you find yourself pondering the big questions like WHO AM I?  WHAT’S MY PURPOSE? IS THIS IT?!!!!

Viv’s aim by hosting these evening get-togethers is to provide people with pragmatic tools and information (that is not ordinarily known) to assist everyday life issues. You will leave the night more conscious of who you truly are, being more at peace and having clarity that you may have been yearning and searching for.

So, if you are a curious being or you just have a sense that there just HAS to be more to life than this, we invite you to join us for a light-hearted, empowering and informative evening of true self-discovery.

What if something far greater than you can imagine can show up for you and your life?

7 pm til 9 pm Wednesday 22nd May $15

Please call Amanda or Marie 5449 7088 to reserve your place. PLACES ARE LIMITED so please book early.



By Karen McElroy, Naturopath & Medical Herbalist
Now the weather is getting cooler, it is time to put the kettle on and brew a cup of tea. But not just any old tea bag, what about a pot of organic, medicinal quality herbal tea. That way your morning or evening or anytime cuppa can actually be supporting your health, rather than depleting it. I have recently received some more delightful organic herbs from Tasmania and have been compiling all sorts of tea blends to suit all your health needs.  There are blends for digestion, relaxation (with lavender and rose), lung and cough, colds, urinary/kidney tonics, blood cleansing, liver function, increasing lactation and raspberry leaf for birth support. There are even the good old favourites of peppermint, traditional organic chai, vanilla rooibos and roasted spiced dandelion for those who like a milky brew.

Regular teas and coffee are high in caffeine, which is something us naturopaths usually want to minimise in your diet. Caffeine is a stimulant and has been linked to all sorts of health issues, from stressing the adrenals and increasing blood pressure to lowering reproductive function and increasing anxiety and insomnia. Many people rely on the stimulating effects of caffeine to get through the day, but if you are tired and worn out, there are a many other ways to support your health and boost your energy naturally.If you are struggling with fatigue, consider coming in for an assessment – and we can help support you inmaking some healthy diet and lifestyle changes and prescribe some nutritional or herbal tonics designed just for you.

Maybe you have tried giving up coffee in the past or tried herbal teas, but weren’t too keen. Well, the difference between the musty dried up tea bags you probably had previously and the fragrant, colourful, loose leaf tea is massive. If you have never tried loose leaf organic herbal teas, you don’t know what you are missing.   If you don’t believe me try it and see… I have a little display in the clinic for you to check out – and that is only comparing the colour, texture and smell! What until you compare the flavour too!   The teas are available over the counter and cost $8.50 per bag.  So why not make your next cuppa one that supports your health too!

Enjoy!  Karen



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