Find joy during the festive season

By Viv Adcock, Kinesiologist and Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator

Viv AdcockThe festive season is almost here- are you looking forward to it, feeling obligated or becoming overwhelmed by it?

Or all of the above?!

In the average household – the highs and lows of life are accepted as the norm – where people’s emotions are un-necessarily hijacked often resulting with inflammatory reactions.

Christmas and all that comes with it seems to escalate this – opposing the prospect of spending time with loved ones. Emotional and mental stress is rife – I am sure you are aware what the shops are like coming closer to Christmas – the fever pitch builds and this often goes un-acknowledged until something gives.

This is the busiest time of year for me in clinic and the top two areas clients ask for assistance with are Family and Financial.

So lets talk about the 2 F’s.

Family dynamics – when family members re-unite, they tap into old un-conscious patterns that trigger un-resolved stuff from the past. I had a client who was a middle child in the family and her perspective was that she missed out and that the older and younger siblings were the parents favourites and in her opinion, were spoilt. At every family gathering she tried harder to please everyone and fit in, only to react within a short while with all parties becoming defensive, fuelling arguments and destroying the family bond.

She chose to empower herself and change this pattern. The realisation came when she became aware the same pattern was showing up in other relationships outside of the family.

Her family are having Christmas with her for the first time in three years.

Financial – do you feel pressured to buy gifts and load up your credit card ? Do you spend for now – with little awareness of your financial position – and not being aware of expenses that we know will come in after the festive season is over?

This pressure sneakily builds up in our everyday life – creating a backlog, affecting our sleep, health, relationships and happiness.

Our nervous system is an amazing piece of technology – how much more fluid could it be if the stress was minimised?

I would like to offer you two simple tools to assist you having greater ease this festive season!  The stressors may still be present- and you don’t have to be at the affect of it!!
1) To stop you triggering off at people or in situations say to yourself in your head,   “Interesting point of view ” repeat this over and over-until the “charge” (reaction)  dissipates…it works!  “Interesting point of view” allows the person or situation to be as it is- but you don’t get drawn into it. It’s like you stay neutral and keep your happy space!
2) Ask, “How does it get any better than this”?  If something great show’s up for you- or you receive a fabulous gift – asking this question allows more great stuff to come in- it’s an acknowledgment of appreciating what you are creating.
You can also use this tool if you are having a bad hair day (ever noticed birds don’t have bad feather days?!). So say you have burnt your toast, yelled at the kids, lost your keys–saying “How does it get any better than this”? stops the entire day going down the drain- you begin to take charge of how the rest of the day shows up…
What if there is a different way with awareness and you knew how to create peace as your new norm?
Happy holidays everyone- and what will it take for 2017 to turn out greater than you can imagine?
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