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Acupuncture can improve physical health as well as effectively treat disorders and instill a feeling of increased mental clarity.

Acupuncture works directly with the body’s energy or Qi.

Acupuncture practitioners believe that all illnesses are a result of the natural flow of energy through the body becoming stuck, depleted or weakened and this makes the individual susceptible to illness. Acupuncture helps to rebalance Qi through treatment of specific acupoints, effectively removing these energy obstructions.

Acupuncture can help treat:

  • Pain
  • Respiratory disorders
  • Eye disorders
  • Nausea
  • Fertility
  • Osteoarthritis

  • Stress

  • Addiction
  • Anxiety
  • Strengthening of the immune system
  • Faster recovery from injuries
  • Improved circulation

Often used as a form of preventative medicine, acupuncture is beneficial in preventing illness from occurring.

Treatment strengthens general constitution, and can correct a feeling of being unwell although there is no physical disorder, imbalance or illness in the traditional Western medicine sense.

Our Acupuncturists

Byron Hillier
Patricia Kowal

Thank God for acupuncture. It’s been around for 2000 years. It’s not going anyplace and people use it all of the time for a variety of cures and to avoid illnesses. – Tim Daly


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