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Karen McElroy

Naturopathy, Clinical Nutrition, Herbal Medicine, Mind-Body Counselling, Homoeopathy
B.H.Sc.Nat ; B.A; Certificate Yoga Teacher Training, post graduate training in Anthroposophic Medicine, Psych-K, Quantum Emotional Healing.

Karen McElroy is a leading naturopath, medical herbalist, clinical nutritionist and mind-body counsellor on the Sunshine Coast. Over the past 19 years Karen has helped many hundreds of women and their families transform their health through her personalised, practical and expert health care solutions that work for the whole family. She has had extensive experience in treating most health issues with particular expertise in digestive disorders, anxiety/depression, women and children’s health.

She has worked alongside fertility specialists for many years and has developed successful strategies to treat infertility (including IVF support) and other reproductive disorders such as endometriosis, PCOS and menopausal complaints.  As a mother of two, Karen is passionate about children’s health and loves to support parents in creating a home environment, diet and lifestyle that promotes optimal health.

Karen creates a unique treatment plan for each individual incorporating a range of modalities including diet advice, herbal medicine, nutritional supplements, homoeopathy and flower essences. Karen also incorporates mind-body counselling techniques into her healing work to promote vitality and health on all levels – body, mind and spirit.

Karen is a sought after speaker for both public and professional audiences and contributes health and wellness articles in both print and online media.

Visit Karen’s website: www.karenmcelroy.com.au


Karen McElroy

“My goal is to help awaken and inspire my clients to their innate potential for living a happier, healthier, more vibrant and meaningful life.” – Karen McElroy


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