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Luisa Harvey

Naturopath, Nutritionist, Herbal Medicine Practitioner
B.H.Sc.Nat, Dip.H.M., Dip.Nut.

Luisa is a well known and loved Naturopath and Yoga Teacher on the Sunshine Coast with over 20 years extensive experience, helping hundreds of clients create and maintain optimum health and wellbeing.

In a healing capacity, she has worked in corporate settings, hospitals and with large groups, both teaching and lecturing as well as working in her own Naturopathic clinic and writing articles for Newspaper publication and contributing to online blogs.

Luisa is an expert in treating digestive disorders like:

  • Celiac

  • IBS

  • Chronic candida

  • Food sensitivity

  • Parasites and dysbiosis

  • Reflux and indigestion

Noosa Osteopath - Carmelo Battaglia

Luisa Harvey

Gut Health

Noosa Osteopath - Carmelo Battaglia

Luisa also specialises in gut-related problems including:

  • Anxiety

  • Mood and behavioural disorders

  • Fatigue

  • Depression

  • Eczema and skin problems

  • Weight management

As a mother of two, Luisa loves working with kids in her practice and seeing the dramatic and wonderful improvements in a range of children’s health issues when digestion is corrected.

Luisa often uses comprehensive functional pathology testing to accurately pinpoint food sensitivity and further investigate and treat digestive imbalances.

Luisa’s holistic approach to health and healing is facilitated by her in-depth understanding of a diverse range of modalities. She uses a combination of diet and lifestyle counselling, herbs and nutritional supplements and mind/body medicine to customise an individualised treatment plan for each person.

“Our task is not to treat the disease, but the patient.” – Vincent Preissnitz


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