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Dr Rebecca Koenen

NSA Chiropractor
BHSc (Chiropractic), MClinChiro

Chiropractic care has been a vital component of Dr Rebecca Koenen’s own journey towards health from a young age. Her powerful belief in chiropractic contributed to a dramatic career change following a pivotal healing crisis.

A miraculous healing experience with a spiritual healer in Brazil became a starting point for a conscious path towards healing. Rebecca soon applied to study chiropractic and subsequently resigned from her job as a lawyer. She graduated from RMIT, Melbourne with a Bachelor and Masters in Chiropractic.

Rebecca is passionate about helping patients, and in particular identifying the multifaceted aspects of healing including physical well-being, nutrition, spiritual awareness, emotional connection and energetic balance.

She draws from the wisdom and empathy she has gained through the significant health challenges she has faced, combined with the knowledge obtained from healing these through natural means. She also uses her life experience as a mother to provide nurtured, intuitive and compassionate care.

Rebecca uses NSA as an effective and gentle technique to reduce spinal and neural tension and develop flexibility, thereby facilitating improved health on every level.

Together with her husband and 4-year-old daughter, Rebecca has just made the move from Melbourne to Noosa.

Rebecca Koenen

“Look well to the spine, for the cause of disease” – Hippocrates


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