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Shelley Axford

NSA Chiropractor
B.App.Sc (Chiropractic). Cert. 3 NSA

Dr Shelley Axford received her Bachelor Degree in Applied Sciences (Chiropractic) in 1991 from Phillip Institute of Technology, Melbourne (now RMIT). A life-threatening illness saw her bed-ridden for 6 months where she nearly died twice from severe septicaemia and an adverse drug reaction. This began her healing journey.

Her introduction to Network Spinal Analysis (NSA) in 1992 literally saved her life. She spent the next year attending workshops and receiving care and became Australia’s first NSA practitioner opening two clinics in 1993 in Victoria and later 2 additional clinics on the Gold Coast, QLD.

Dr Shelley became part of the Twelve Stages of Healing (SRI) international teaching staff from 1995, working scores of Healing Retreats and teaching programs throughout USA, Europe and Australia. She is Head of NSA teaching staff, teaching NSA to chiropractors and chiropractic students throughout Australasia.

Dr Shelley personalises her 26 years of extensive clinical experience with each client. She has a deep appreciation of the inborn healing ability of the human body to regenerate and re-organise itself, whether from mild stresses or horrific traumas. She is also passionate about facilitating pregnancy and natural childbirth as a rite of passage for women.

She is looking forward to assisting you too!

Shelley Axford

“Look well to the spine, for the cause of disease” – Hippocrates


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