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Viv Adcock

Access Consciousness Facilitator

Viv Adcock has been involved the health and well-being field for over twenty years, having a background of Kinesiology, Remedial Massage, teaching Yoga and meditation , Bush and Bach flower essences, Bowen Therapy, Aromatherapy and is a certified Access Consciousness facilitator.

So, a question for you…how is your head? We tend to do everything for our body…but what about HQ…HEAD quarters?! What if your head is the missing link to your happiness and health?

Viv is widely known and respected as a Life Transformer. She has a unique ability to perceive exactly where her clients are stuck in their life.  She facilitates change around ANYTHING that isn’t working, empowering her clients to have greater awareness and clarity, giving effective tools to support them well into the future.

Do you KNOW there has to be more to life but don’t know where to begin?

Gain clarity on a new life direction. Typically people come for sessions with Viv searching for something…answers to life’s big questions..or  let go of the past, de-stress, clear their mind, gain clarity on their patterns and behaviours, create a healthy respectful relationship with themselves and find a new level of peace and happiness.

If you wish to take control of your life, tame the inner voices, have tools that actually work, expand your awareness, create your life with deliberate intention, be happy and be the maestro of your life symphony….invest in the quality of your life and have a session….What if you discover what you are looking for ?…

Viv uses a combination of Kinesiology and Access Consciousness tools and processes in her sessions and also offers a wide variety of  self empowerment classes … go to

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Viv Adcock

“Welcome to the infinite possibilities of a whole new way of living and being with you, your life and the animal kingdom.” – Viv Adcock.


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