The Power of the Spoken Word

By Viv Adcock

Have you come across any of these sayings before?
“You become what you think about all day long”
“Ask and it is given”
“As a man thinketh so is he”
“Your thoughts create your reality”

Do you have a sense of how powerful your mind is? If you look at your life right now, all that you have in front of you, you have created. Yes the good, bad and ugly! Except there isn’t any good, bad or ugly, it just is- it is your reaction or judgement to it that makes it good or bad.

So, if your mind is that powerful, what if you could harness it and put it to work FOR you, not against you?!

        How do you begin to create what it is you require and desire? 

You cultivate clarity of thought, speech and action. You align your thinking, being and doing to the exact “thing” you wish to create. For example, if you are asking for more money to show up, become aware of what you are saying to yourself. Be vigilant with listening to the inner dialogue.

         If you hear pessimism, cynicism, negativity or anything contradictive to what you are asking for, remedy it with saying to yourself “What will it take for more money to show up with ease for me?”

What if you could lead yourself to money with conscious awareness?

      Do you realise that unless your “prosperity consciousness” doesn’t expand your relationship with money will stay the same? (And Prosperity isn’t mutually exclusive to money either!)

Prosperity consciousness is not an extra-ordinary privilege that is bestowed on some and not others. It is a knowable and attainable way of being that is available for those that choose it.

Viv Adcock, our resident kinesiologist and Access Consciousness facilitator is offering a class on cultivating Prosperity Consciousness in Peregian Beach on 23-25th August. Click on the link for further information. (You can attend just the Friday night too)

Imagine what you could do if you knew you couldn’t fail?


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