We welcome Dr Shelley Axford to the team

Dr Shelley Axford utilises a leading edge form of chiropractic called Network Spinal Analysis (NSA). NSA has become the most researched form of chiropractic in the world due to its astounding results, and is currently leading the world in “Quality of Life” research.

Says Dr Shelley, “Whenever we are subject to stress or trauma, be it emotional, mental, chemical or physical, our whole Central Nervous System (brain and spinal cord) tightens and elongates, and we go into the Fight/Flight/Freeze response (survival mode!). This survival response is designed to disconnect the aware part of our brain and immobilise the area of our body affected to protect it from the stressful demands it is facing, thus creating cord
tension patterns. These survival patterns protect us and allow us to survive the traumatic event or overwhelm.

“The nervous system is designed to reset itself after the stress is passed, however very often this doesn’t happen. It may reset only 80%, or 50%, or not at all. To the degree that the nervous system doesn’t reset itself, it stays locked in a dominant pattern of defence, firing information to the cells of your body as though that car accident, that rape, that death of a loved one, that relationship break-up, that food poisoning, that massive argument with your parent/child/sibling that may have actually happened 20 or 30 years ago, is happening right here and now in the present moment….and again………and again…………and again…….. The system becomes locked in a time warp, responding as though a life threatening incident from the past is happening constantly in the present, creating Dis-ease and disharmony in the body.

The Fight/Flight response was never meant for us to live in for longer than 20 minutes. After 20 minutes this survival response becomes totally destructive to the physiology of the body, yet most of the Western world live their lives in this state.”

NSA (Network Spinal Analysis) is a methodology that applies gentle light touch contacts to specific spinal areas that assists the body in recovering from these cord tension patterns and resetting to its natural state of ease where the nervous system can reorganise itself to a higher level of functionality.

With NSA, I am not doing the work”, says Dr Shelley.  “It is your body making its own corrections. I’m just showing it where it has forgotten to reset itself, and it responds by resetting the tension level of the spinal cord system for itself. The more I can facilitate your body to make its own corrections during an entrainment session, the more it is going to do so at the time of stress, while you’re out there living your life.”

Typically, as the spinal cord system begins to release and unwind its tension during a session, the person may experience heat or cold, tingling or twitching in different parts of their body, as nerve impulses are transmitted that were being blocked before. They often experience an organic deepening in their breathing (can be quite dramatic), or they may experience their body sinking deeper into the table, feeling more relaxed than they can remember feeling in a long time. At times people will have a few tears on the table, scream, or giggle uncontrollably as they release whichever emotions were backed up in the tension pattern being released. They may re-experience symptoms, pains, memories of events, spontaneous detox reactions…The body is getting healthy enough to release whatever was keeping it sick.

Ultimately there are 2 spinal healing waves which organically move through the spine and body, bringing with them feelings of bliss (endorphins), peace and complete wellbeing, as they completely re-organise the structure and nerve and energy flow of the body. It is these waves that sparked the ongoing comprehensive research being done into NSA.

23 years ago, Dr Shelley was bedridden with chronic eczema, resulting septicaemia, and chronic fatigue syndrome. She nearly died twice in a 6 month period. Network saved her life. As a result she pioneered the methodology to Australia in 1993.

In 2001, NSA also allowed her 2nd child to heal through what was diagnosed by the medical profession as an incureable heart arrhythmia. After 3 months of Network care, her daughter was given the “all clear” from one of the top 2 paediatric cardiologists in the country.

Dr Shelley has a unique way of bringing her profound healing journey and her 23 years of extensive clinical experience together when she works with you. She has seen discs regenerate on xray, the Innate Wisdom of the body bend 1cm thick metal rods in order to straighten a scoliosis, a child unable to cry for more than 15 years of her childhood, cry her first tear…..

With more than 23 years’ experience, she has assisted thousands of people to transform their bodies and their lives. She is looking forward to assisting you too!

Quote: The time to fix a leaky roof is when the sun is shining! The human BodyMind can compensate for A LOT! These tension patterns often remain relatively unconscious, until your body can’t compensate for them any longer, and then suddenly MULTIPLE body systems start falling apart. Now is the time to book in for an NSA consultation!

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