About Byron Hillier

Byron has over 15 years experience in acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine – helping others improve their wellbeing and recover from a range of health complaints, tailoring each treatment to the needs of the individual.

Creating Exceptional Relationships

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Join us for a evening with Rob Foster. Discover happiness, and how to use empathetic understanding to transform our conflict into an opportunity to deeply connect, empowering each other and creating exceptional relationships. Robert Foster is a successful businessman, teacher and dedicated student of life. He became financially free at 28 years of age and retired to

Jenni’s Protein Balls!

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2tbs pepitas 2tbs sunflower seeds 2 tbls shredded coconut Handful raw almonds 2tbls raw Cacao powder 3 tbls Grass Fed Whey Protien Powder I cup pitted dates Coconut oil Water Blend dates in food processor Add all other dry ingredients and process Add coconut oil until mixture comes together. Can also add a little water

Herbal Medicine to Support Successful Breastfeeding

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By Heidi Merika BHSc.Nat Breastfeeding can be a beautiful time of connection between mother and child. It is now well recognized that breastfeeding provides optimal nutrition for infants that not only nourishes them in infancy but establishes healthy nutritional foundations that will serve them for the rest of their lives. Even though the benefits of

Let’s Whey it Up!

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By Byron Hillier In regularly assessing my patients’ diets and daily requirements for optimal health it has become very evident that many are far too busy to manage a healthy balanced diet. A diet insufficient in protein can lead to low energy, poor concentration, slow healing, impaired immune function and poor development. An increasingly popular

What is Craniosacral Therapy?

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Cheryl Wrench is a qualified Remedial Massage Therapist and Yoga Teacher. She draws on 20 years of experience to facilitate a treatment which is intuitive and unique in it’s approach to healing. One of her modalities is Craniosacral Therapy….. So…What is Craniosacral Therapy? “Most people think that Craniosacral Therapy is for back pain, headaches or